Espresso Perfection

Wonderful aroma; perfect body; full flavour; exact temperature. The perfect coffee, prepared on the new Visacrem V6+. The only machine that makes design and espresso technology 100% efficient.
An attractive streamlined aluminium body with a touch sensitive glass control panel that brings durability and ease of cleaning. Classic thermosiphon espresso technology enriched by digital control with temperature/pressure sensors. A 3.5” LCD personalized touchscreen that provides key data and on time information.
The new Visacrem V6+: achieve espresso perfection.



New touch control screen

  • Two personalised screen savers for point of sale promotions.
  • Digital coffee servings counter. Screen for easy control of key machine parameters.
  • Performance record information for technical service personnel.
  • Key data quickly accessible.
  • Interface available in 12 languages.
  • Touch button steam arm with optional programmable